Military Historian, Artist & Consultant


The Scarlet Gunner

The Scarlet Gunner is a military social history resource majoring on the United Kingdom, the British Empire and the British Commonwealth.

Based on a large private collection of images and supporting information and 20 years of hands-on experience, the Scarlet Gunner is able to offer these services:

  • Opinions on paintings, portraits and portrait miniatures of military subjects aimed at recognising the uniforms depicted and possibly the occasion, even the sitter.
  • Advice to film and TV productions, or costume contractors, on historical military uniform and how to wear it.
  • Design of Military ceremonial uniform, leading to project management of manufacture and supply.
  • Supply or sourcing of items of officially authorised British Army full dress for: Bands, Corps of Drums, Colour parties, Regimental Pioneers etc, Re-enactment groups, and for Collectors.
  • Design, organisation and management services for military re-enactment and historical events.
  • Production of short illustrated briefs for Family Historians on military life in past times.
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