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Psw Peter Walton is a retired regular officer of the British Army with a lifelong interest in the organisation, social structure and especially the dress and equipment of military forces. As a soldier he has served in command, staff, instructional and technical supply posts in Britain, Germany, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. He has seen active service in three theatres and has considerable experience of the transition of colonial dependencies to independent states. After military service he took employment in the museums sector specialising first in the structure and operation of British Regimental museums, and later in Volunteering management on which he is a published authority. For more information see the Debrett publication People of Today.

From his schooldays he has collected images, books and ephemera concerning military people and events and now has one of the largest and best organised private collections in the UK. He has used this to inform and illustrate two Volumes of Simkin’s Soldiers, an analysis of the British Army around 1890, and A Celebration of Empire, a detailed study of the soldiers of the Empire who paraded in London in June 1897 to mark Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. He has published magazine articles in the journals of the Victorian Military Society and of the Corps of Drums Society, both Registered UK Charities. He is currently Vice-President of both. He advised the BBC production Pride and Prejudice concerning the dress and behaviour of early 19th Century Militia soldiers. He has been a regular commentator at English Heritage and other historical re-enactment displays.

Khaki Slr Drum

He is a successful military artist and an elected member of the Armed Forces Art Society. His work is in several private collections and Army Messes and, not least, in the collection of HM The Sultan of Oman. He accepts commissions – please contact us for more information.