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Full Dress Design and Production

Ledegem8 The Full Dress or, to put it less formally, the ceremonial uniform of soldiers of the British and most other armies, is an expression of tradition in clothing form. It is in other words a continuation of a formal uniform from the past. Or it is a new uniform but based very clearly on the style and form of past practice. In the British Army there have been many changes of structure within the cavalry and infantry arms, but none so radical as to drive the design of a new uniform. But in other arms there have been new formations and major amalgamations which have made it appropriate to design afresh. One such was the Adjutant General’s Corps, another The Royal Logistic Corps, and a third the Army Air Corps. In each case a new full dress uniform to be worn by musicians was designed, approved and produced in the period 1992-94.

The resources of The Scarlet Gunner were employed in both the design and the production of the new uniforms for the Army Air Corps and The Royal Logistic Corps. The key points having been approved by the Army and by the Corps concerned, detailed work went ahead to define specific details of design and manufacture to the complete satisfaction of the musicians and their Corps.

The Scarlet Gunner offers design services for units of all Armies which may need to develop or re-develop Full Dress (or a ceremonial uniform) for Guards of Honour, Colour Parties, Bands or personnel carrying out any other prestige activity.

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