Military Historian, Artist & Consultant


Event Management

The re-enactment or presentation of historical events in such a way as to inform visitors and spectators, as well as to gain the best from the actors, is both a science and an art. The Scarlet Gunner has practical experience of this at levels varying from live commentary on small military educational displays for English Heritage to the presentation of the Charge of the Light Brigade at a County Agricultural Show with the aid of twelve cavalrymen and as many “Russians”.

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The resources needed include a working knowledge of military history which can be deepened for a particular period or event by research often no further than our own collection. A military career has bequeathed a ready feel for what can be expected of men on their feet and men on horses. Training and experience of the problems of supply brings a sound appreciation of the demands and possibilities of logistics. And experience of instruction brings a sure touch with the public, and a mixture of general information, active commentary and good humour.

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