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The Scarlet Gunner – providing advice to film and TV productions

PpIt is to their credit that film and TV productions these days are paying much more attention than formerly to the accuracy, or at least the authenticity, of military uniforms shown. This contrasts happily with the unauthentic adoption - on a curious whim of the producer - of cherry coloured trousers by all Regiments in the iconic Charge of the Light Brigade.

Peter has been asked for information and advice on several occasions, most comprehensively for the original BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. For this he provided the costume contractors with a fully illustrated brief on all the uniforms appropriate to the story along with guidance on how they were worn. During filming he was on hand to help the Director by correcting the actions of actors and extras where they strayed from the military customs of the day.

He is prepared to help any production which may wish to achieve accuracy, or is simply aiming for authenticity.

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